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"Becoming one of Laura's patients is the best choice I have ever made for my mental health.  With her I realized that trying to ignore my past had left me struggling to both be present in the moment and plan for the future.  Her gentle and intuitive approach made the hard work of healing less overwhelming, and I appreciated being able to set my own pace.  Because of my sessions with Laura, I've been able to wean off of medications that had become a crutch, and I have a newfound sense of self that was lacking before.  I find myself less triggered and stressed, more confident, capable, empathetic and happy.  I no longer feel like a bystander in my own life, and I thank God every day for the opportunity EMDR has given me to heal and begin to thrive, rather than just survive."  -- adult female

"Laura helped me through a traumatic family experience. With the help of EMDR, she guided me through flashbacks and obsessive thinking while giving me the tools to process grief and fear.  It was the help that I didn't know I needed.  Thank you
" -- wife of an addict 

"Working with Laura has opened the door to a happier, healthier way of life.  Her strong faith, kind mannerism and proven counseling techniques have been instrumental in my own journey towards wholeness.  In Laura's presence, I have felt fully seen, heard and known which is a rare and precious gift.  Laura is truly a beacon of light, offering hope to those who open their hearts to receive her gentle guidance and God's healing grace."  -- adult female

"Laura Taylor with Anchored Support provided me with a safe healing environment that was comfortable and easy to relax in. I was given insight on how this type of therapy (EMDR) works and because of the friendly staff I was willing to give it a try. I still use this method in my daily life and am so thankful for the tools given to me by Anchored Support. I highly recommend it."  -- young adult female

"Dr. Laura is hand picked of God. Her gentle love assures me that I am valued, that my feelings matter, and that I am safe. Safe to talk without fear of judgment or condemnation. She listens well and cares to hear me and what I need to say. She has helped to understand that I am highly valued, not a throw away. She lets me know that I have a voice and that what I have to say is of value. I now know that I am allowed to feel. I am privileged to go this journey with Dr. Laura alongside. I am eternally grateful."  – adult female 

"Moving forward in life sometimes means going backwards to deal with unresolved traumatic events in our lives. That's what Laura and her EMDR therapy helped me do. Bound-up memories of the trauma of losing our stillborn child were discovered and dealt with once and for all." 
 -- adult male, Moscow, ID 

"Looking back I am so very grateful to Laura and all that she did.  She helped release me from my worries and address problems that I didn’t even know were there.  She understood and comforted me in a way others couldn’t.  I am so very grateful."
 -- a young girl counseled from age 8-10  Thank you!! 

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