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EMDR Intensives and Mini-Intensives:

What is an intensive?  

It is a concentrated, very effective way to do a complete life review and process specific traumas or issues using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Full Intensive options:

4 hours each day over 5 days

6.5 hours each day over 3 days

Mini Intensive options:

3 hour sessions 1-2x per week over 6-8 weeks

Some examples of issues that can be addressed during an intensive include, but are not limited to: 

- Generational trauma/addiction/sin
- Prenatal and birth experiences
- Early life development
- Attachment challenges
- Abandonment
- Abuse and neglect
- Physical or sexual assault
- Accidents
- Natural disasters
- Military experiences
- First responder experiences
- Family violence
- Medical challenges and diagnoses
- Grief/loss
- Addictions/compulsive behaviors
- Betrayal trauma
- Chronic stress
- Shame
- Depression
- Anxiety
- False beliefs/lies
- Physiological symptoms with no known root cause
- Current stressors
- Future fears

I do not provide disability determination, custody studies or handle court issues. I do not perform court evaluations nor do I appear in court on behalf of my clients. My services are to help clients heal and in alleviating problems through therapy.


I completed my Part 1 and Part 2 Basic Training in EMDR in 2005. For the past 19 years, I have witnessed EMDR therapy greatly impact my client's healing from all kinds of traumatic issues, dissociation, addiction, depression, anxiety and relationship issues. 

Using EMDR in my practice has become one of my passions! I believe EMDR Therapy is powerful and greatly appreciate the consultation I have received since 2005 and want to share my experience and training with other EMDR therapists. I offer beginning EMDR consultation groups for therapists just beginning their EMDR journey, ongoing consultation groups for more seasoned EMDR therapists and those seeking to become certified and I offer individual consultation for EMDR therapists of all levels. 

I also offer online consultation groups for EMDR therapists in areas without an EMDR Consultant nearby. Connection and support are an important part of self-care for therapists and I'm happy to help others in this way! 

Contact me to discuss if my EMDR consultation can benefit you as a helping professional.

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